Stettler Citizens on Patrol Association (SCOPA) is an organization of concerned citizens who have made a decision to get directly involved in crime prevention and community policing in our town.

SCOPA patrols are carried out by trained volunteers. New members are always welcome. SCOPA volunteers must have a valid Alberta drivers' license and must pass a criminal record check. SCOPA volunteers come from all walks of life and all age groups.

SCOPA volunteers are fully trained in all aspects of the program. Safety of the members is a primary focus of the training. Once training is completed, SCOPA volunteers are paired with another SCOPA member to take part in patrols. The team will patrol the town of Stettler and other communities in the area. Any crimes observed are reported to the Stettler RCMP by scanner or cell phone.

The program is run by volunteers, supported by the Town of Stettler and the Stettler Detachment of the RCMP, and funded by donations from various businesses and community organizations

The purpose of SCOPA is to provide additional "eyes and ears" on the streets of our communities, and to assist the police in the prevention of crime, and in the detection and reporting of crimes in progress.

SCOPA members do not get directly involved in any police matters. Our purpose is to "observe and report."

Contact the Stettler detachment of the RCMP to find out how you can join us (403) 742-3382!

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1. Report It
    Call the RCMP immediately!
2. Remove It
    Once the officer has taken the report remove it as soon as possible. Remember the sooner it is removed the less likely that it will         reappear.
3. Prevent It
    Learn about graffiti vandalism, Keep up appearances, Remove graffiti quickly, Keep it clean


Prevention of Graffiti

  • Incorporate shrubs, thorny plants, and vines to restrict vandal access to residence walls, fences, sheds, garages, and other graffiti targets
  • Add or improve lighting around your property to promote natural surveillance
  • Consider a home security system and post signs that such a system is in operation
  • For condo owners, work with residential property managers to incorporate graffiti prevention into building security

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