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The Town of Stettler is a safe and vibrant community that boasts a population of 5952, with the surrounding County of Stettler population being 5322.

The dominant industries in Stettler include agriculture [ranching, grain and mixed farming] and a strong representation from the energy sector. The local agricultural industry’s diversity includes all major grain crops along with cattle, hogs, poultry and honey.  The energy sector is represented by several companies involved in all aspects of exploration, production and manufacturing services.  Both the agriculture and energy sector industries support a large complement of related service and supply businesses within the Community.  The prosperity of these industries create an excellent base for value added products and services.

Stettler’s central location offers excellent highway and rail transportation connections, which, along with an excellent water supply and affordable industrial and commercial land available make Stettler a viable choice for firms looking to expand or start up new business opportunities.

Stettler serves as a regional hub to a large trading area that supports a very strong local trade and commerce industry including such major retailers as Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Sobeys and No-Frills.  These major retailers are complemented with a wide variety of successful independent merchants who provide many of the goods and services found in larger centres.

Professional services offered in Stettler include all avenues of legal, accounting and major banks.

There is also a significant contingency of utility, government, health and educational professionals employed within the community.  There is a full range of health care, educational services and a full complement of excellent senior’s lodges, adult living condominiums and modern long term care facilities all within the community.

Culture and recreation play a very vital role in the Stettler community.  The Stettler citizens are extremely proud of their modern facilities that include a performing arts theatre, pool-leisure and fitness centre, twin arenas, sports parks and an excellent park and trail network.  Stettler's central location and fine facilities make it a perfect location for conventions and tournaments.

Tourism is also an important player in Stettler's economy with Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions, beautiful Buffalo Lake nearby and various sports tournaments. Stettler is also one of the main gateways to the world famous Canadian Badlands.





Stacey Benjamin
Executive Director
Stettler Regional Board of Trade & Community Development

Leann Graham
Director of Planning and Development
Town of Stettler

Angela Stormoen
Planning & Operations Clerk
Town of Stettler



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